Q?Do I have to make an appointment?

Well, no. You don’t. You are more than welcome to walk-in at anytime, and we promise to do our best to service you as promptly as we can. However, it is highly recommended that you call ahead of time, particularly on weekends. Doing so will save you a wait, especially if you have a particular barber or stylist you’d like to see. Also, please be aware that appointments are given priority over walk-ins. Simply call the shop at (847)674-7741 to make your reservation.

Q?What is eyebrow threading?

Threading is an ancient method of hair removal that is still practiced today. Your stylist will use a pure cotton thread to twist the hair and pull it out from the follicle. Threading removes an entire row of hair, as opposed to tweezing where only a single hair is pulled at a time. Threading is often preferred to tweezing because of the straight lines produced by the thread, giving your eyebrows a nice, clean shape. Does it hurt? Well, not really. But it’s not exactly pleasant. Threading is done for both men and women. Results last, depending on the individual, 2—6 weeks.

Q?How is the pricing of ladies’ haircuts and styles determined?

In short, pricing depends on length and thickness. We try not to give quotes over the phone, as it’s impossible to know your hair exactly without seeing it. Women’s hair-cuts are either $10, $15, or $20. Usually, a woman with very short hair will be charged $10 for a haircut, and a woman with hair of longer length should expect $20. When it comes to blow-dry styling, the same rules apply, ranging from $25-$45. Please note that a blow-dry is a separate charge. For an exact price quote, stop by the salon.

Q?How long do I have to wait between retouching color/highlights?

Again, this depends on the individual, though it differs between color and highlights. Usually, for color, you can go 4-7 weeks without having to touch-up your roots. Often times for highlights, however, you can wait longer. This varies, depending on the type of highlights. Thicker highlights should be touched-up more regularly than subtle ones that seem to blend with hair.

Q?Do you offer facials?

Unfortunately, not yet. We hope to offer this service in the future, as we continue to grow and expand.

Q?I want to book a bridal party. How do I do this?

We gladly accomodate bridal parties of any size. Be sure to book early to ensure your spot in our schedule. If necessary, we can open the shop earlier than our usual 9AM starting time. Also, for parties of three or more, it is possible to schedule for Sundays.

A non-refundable down-payment is required to book bridal parties. The amount depends on the size of the bridal party. Consultations are available at no additional cost. We do offer special bridal packages, please get in touch with us for an exact quote.

You can view a portfolio of some of our past work in our gallery. For additional questions regarding bridal party bookings, either send us an email at info@eddieshairsalon.com or feel free to give us a call at (847)674-7741 during store hours.

Q?Can I bring my own makeup?

At Eddie’s Hair Salon, we use some of the finest products available when applying makeup, namely MAC and Estee Lauder. You can view more information about the products we use here. Despite this, you may find you’d prefer to bring in your own products for various reasons (for example, sensitive skin that is particular to a certain brand). This is absolutely no problem. We will certainly use your products, however this will not affect the cost of the service.

If you’ve found the perfect shade of foundation or powder to match your skin color, feel free to bring it along for your appointment. Do the same with any color of eyeshadow you’ve fallen in love with. For more information on our makeup services, send us an email at info@eddieshairsalon.com or give us a call at (847)674-7741.

Q?What are the benefits of waxing?

There are many benefits of waxing as opposed to shaving or using hair removal creams. It is an effective method in removing large amounts of hair at one time. The results of waxing are long-lasting, in some cases lasting up to eight weeks. When hair is shaved or removed using creams, the hair is only removed at the surface, rather than the root. Using either of these methods, you will notice hair at the surface again in only a matter of a few days. Additionally, hair tends to grow back in a rough stubble. Areas that are repeatedly waxed over long periods of time often exhibit hair re-growth that is softer, and the amount of hair gradually lessens altogether.